About Me

A Little About Me:

I am a mother of three and I love to read. I read several different genre’s. My favorite genre is YA right now but I am also very much in love with the adult paranormal romance and sci-fi. I am blogging not to get free books(although that would be a nice perk) but to write down my thoughts in order to encourage my friends and maybe other people to read. I am on my computer a lot and I started to do reviews on goodreads.com and saw that some of my friends on the site like vlogs and different people’s blogs so I started checking them out.  I love the fact that you can write and discuss your thoughts about books online.   I also like the fact that you can get a lot of other opinions on books you are reading or might be considering.   My dream job would have something to do with books but since I have three children and I am not able to pick up and move to some place like New York  I do this as my own guilty pleasure.

My Policies

Hello Authors and Publicists,

Thank you for taking a look at my!   I hope you like what you have seen so far.   I would just like you to keep in mind that I am always willing to try new ways to review.  Also, I  hope that I am still growing as book blogger and that means that my blog may under go some new changes in it looks.

My personal goal is a hundred pages per day and I strive to read 10 to 14 books a month.  Although, life does sometimes get in the way of my goals but I do try to read every day for my own sanity. You should know if you are looking to have me review your book or your client’s book that I am very honest about the books I read but I am not cruel.  I believe even if I don’t like a book it doesn’t mean that some else won’t love it, so my reviews will reflect that.

What I Review:

I prefer to read Young Adult and Adult Paranormal.  I also love Epic Fantasy.

I enjoy reviewing audiobooks.

I will not accept non-fiction.  I also do not read crime/murder novels..

Where Do My Reviews Post?

I post reviews on my blog, on goodreads.com and to amazon.com also sometime on my vlog(http://www.youtube.com/bookrockgoddess.com).  If you want me to post a review elsewhere, please let me know and I will be more than happy to post it!

What Is My Review Time?:

I  have a turnaround time of about 1 month. I  will place priority on books I have requested.   If you send a book to me, I will try my best to read it and review it before its release date or with in the month.  This is however subject to change depending on  my schedule.

Ways I Can Help Promote Your Book:

I am willing to promote your book by hosting interviews and a guest post, as well as giveaways for your book. I give honest reviews if I love your book  I will get the word out.  If  I did not enjoy your book I will be fair and review it in a constructive manner.

Formats I Review:

I accept  ARCs, galleys, ebooks in epub form because I have a nook, finished copies and audiobooks. I enjoy all forms of reading but I prefer physical copies..

Any Other Questions?

You can contact me with a review request or any questions via email at: boltonjessica@sbcglobal.net  please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Be Aware:

This policy is subject to change at any point if I see that it is not working or that my life is not conducive to keeping up with these policies.

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