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A Castle of Sand (A Shade of Vampire #3) by Bella Forrest

A Castle of Sand (A Shade of Vampire, #3)

Kindle Edition
296 pages
Published June 26th 2013
by  Bella Forrest
What Sofia has with Derek feels like a sandcastle; temporary and something that the waves of life and time will soon ruin…Since the return of Gregor Novak, the island has turned several shades darker. His hatred toward Sofia and thirst for fresh blood lead to a brutal war igniting between father and son.

Meanwhile, the hunters are gaining formidable strength and resources by the day; they know that the safety of The Shade hangs entirely on its ability to remain hidden from them.

And a sinister secret lies in wait for Sofia within the bowls of an Egyptian desert… a secret that threatens to crush her sandcastle much sooner than she could have expected.

This book Contains: Sex, Violence, Death, Abuse and Love.

My thoughts:

With each and every book the story just keeps getting better and better. The story just keeps evolving.   I thought that this book would be the end of the series.  Oh was I wrong, there is just so much more story left to tell.  I am so glad the author didn’t try to rush and wrap up every thing in this book.  It would have been a huge disservice to this story.

So many secrets were revealed in this book and so many things happened that just had my mouth hanging open.   I have to say it again that Sofia is just an amazing character.  She isn’t the typical kick ass heroine that I normally like.  Her strength come from what she believes.  She does what she feels is right no matter if she is going to get hurt in the process.   Derek is everything you want in a hero.  He’s self-sacrificing, strong, handsome and very protective.  Also, for me the fact that he is a vampire, well that just makes him all the more sexy.

It’s a fine line between evil and crazy.  I love how the author combines this in her characters to bring out the best type of villains.  She takes family members of these character and turns them evil.  Which, to me has to make these villains probably the worse kind but also the best.  These are people who are supposed to love you, always have your back and protect from harm.    She really know how to inflict pain on her characters.

This author also, knows how to break your heart.  As if the love triangle isn’t enough.  Several of you favorite character suffer relentlessly.  My heart has been ripped out and stomped on more times than you can image with these books.  Each time I pick it back up dust it off and think she can’t possible to any more.  Well, I am wrong every time!

If you like drama and paranormal than this is for you.  If you like romance and impossible love than this is for you.  If you like action and twisted characters than this is for you.  Overall this book is for almost everyone.

I can’t wait to read the second book called A Shadow of Light.  I need more Derek and Sofia in my life-like now!!!!!!