Bout of Books Day 1 Challenge

Day 1 Challenge

My Favourite Book to Movie Adaptations

There are so many book to movie adaptations that I love not  a whole lot that I hate.  I get very disappointed at some because it doesn’t stay as true to the book as I feel it should have.  Overall I try to take it with an open mind because it was someone else’s vision not mine.

Here is one of my absolute favorites:


I know there are a several versions of  this movie and I believe I own almost all of them. Although, this one is my favorite.

Now my least favorite is tricky because it is between two of them.  I will have to go with:

Image result for The duff Image result for The duff

I still like the movie overall for what it is.  Although as an adaptation the only thing they have in common is the characters have the same names and are in high school.  Really there wasn’t anything that they didn’t change for the movie.  They turned it into a comedy which was not at all what the book was about.


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