Bout of Books 13 Day 4 min challenge

Modern to Classic Challenge
Hosted by:

Ranty Runt of a Reader

THE CHALLENGE Share one book that you believe will be considered a classic in 100 years time. Simple? I do have a few caveats, the book must have been published in or after 2005 and you need to provide two reasons for why this book will be a classic.

I have thought of several book that would become classic in a 100 years.  You have Harry Potter, The Giver, If I Stay, and so many more.  All extremely worthy but not all published after 2005 so I will have to choose one that I think impacted us a society and that will continue to impact society in the future. The book I have chosen is:

The Fault in our stars by John Green

My reasons are simple:

1.  It is about Cancer which affects so many.  Hopefully in a 100 years it will be cured but regardless it show the strength of the human spirit.

2.  The emotions in this story will still resonate with future generation.

3.  Also, one of the biggest reason the writing is just beautiful and will be talked about by scholars way into the future.


One thought on “Bout of Books 13 Day 4 min challenge

  1. I think being about cancer will help this book stay in the publics mind, because that seems to be a scourge that will haunt humans for many years to come. Thanks for being part of this challenge, and goodluck with the last couple of days of the readathon!

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