Day 7 challenge for Bout of Books12.0

Todays  Bout of Books Challenge is from Auggietalk?!

Creating my own dysfunctional family from characters in books I’ve read.

My Characters:

The Mom & DAD Mr. and Mrs. Wesley from Harry Potter

The Sister  – Hermione Granger

The Brother Simone for the Mortal Instruments

Cousins- Alex and Isabella from the Mortal Instruments

I love each of the characters I’ve chosen and would love to be a true part of there family! I know it would be a family with a lot of drama but it would have tons of love.  The Wesley would love us unconditionally and  probably smother us.  Hermione would keep us on the straight and narrow.  Simone would always have our back and want to protect us.  The cousins would always keep life fun and interesting but would not let anything bad happen unless they were causing it.

It didn’t take me long to think of who I would want to have as family.  Although, there is always room for more though in my fictional.  Holidays would be a lot of fun with this bunch.


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