Day Five Discussion Post for UnEarthly Read-along

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Wow!!! This book just left me floored.  I have so many question now at the end of the book then I did at the start.  I love the concept of this book and the characters.  In this book Clara, is the angel, and she has already known about her powers for two years. So you don’t have to wonder who is the angel and how are they going to find out. I really enjoyed that a lot.  I love how the author builds some of the mystery around the mother in this book.  You start to imagine all kinds of reasons why she won’t tell Clara about her past or the facts she knows about angels.

I really liked the two very different friends that Clara has.  She has Angela, who is like her in may was but still very different.  Throughout the book I kept feeling that she was hiding something.  Then you have Wendy the best friend that is totally small town.  She really wants what is best for Clara and tries by always telling her the facts even if Clara doesn’t want to hear them. I think I liked her character the best just because she truly loves Clara.

Then there is Christian, he is handsome of course and her purpose. I just couldn’t get into him. I just felt throughout the book there was something off about him.  It felt to me like some weird arranged marriage without the marriage off course.  I will say that it is explained but there is still a lot to that story.  do like him just not as much as Tucker but I can’t wait to see how this triangle works out.

I am a huge fan of Tucker and really enjoy his sense of humor.  I like how he cares about his sister and his horse.  I also, like how he come to her Clara’s rescue at prom.  I like how the relationship develops over time and gradually.  It never feels forced to me like her relationship with Christian.

Over all this book and its characters keep me entertained and wanting more.  I will be picking up the next book very soon to see what the author has in store for the characters next.

My Thoughts:

This is it, I have finished the book. It was so good! These last few chapters were just wow! Although, now I am left with a lot of questions.  Also, I wasn’t really surprised about Christian.   Although, I was surprised that he isn’t tainted.   Here are some question that you also may be asking along with me:

1. How did Clara’s mom know the dark angel?
2. Who is this guy in Italy that Angela likes?
3. What happened to Jeffery?
4. What is Christian’s and Clara relationship supposed to be and what will it be in the future?
5. Why is Clara’s mom so against giving her answers?

So here are just some of the questions I have been asking myself.  I know there are many more but these are the ones that have been on my mind.  This book was amazing and I so need to read the next book to get some much-needed answers.

Favorite Quote:

“Have you ever been to a place you’re supposed to love, but all you can think about is home?”


9 thoughts on “Day Five Discussion Post for UnEarthly Read-along

  1. Wasn’t it great? I agree on Clara’s relationship with Christian feeling more forced than the one she has with Tucker. I’m really hoping we learn more about Clara’s mom in the next book.

    Thanks for participating in the Radical Read-along! I hope you had as much fun as I did. We’re thinking about doing another one for Hallowed soon, so if you’re interested, stop by my blog and let me know if there are any upcoming dates that don’t work for you. We’re going to try to work around everybody’s schedules as well as we can. No pressure though, if you don’t want to do another one that’s okay too. It can be a lot of work to have to read on a schedule and then know you still have to do a discussion post too.

    • I think it would be fun to do Hallowed. I will be on vacation the 9th thru the 19th but I do a lot at night so even that week shouldn’t be a problem. I just may be a little slower on posting.

      • We were thinking the 8th through the 13th because a lot of people are doing a readathon that starts the 19th and there’s also one the 2nd through the 6th. Are you sure you’re okay with doing it while you’re on vacation? If so, we’ll go with the 8th-13th.

      • The Hallowed read-along is going to be August 8-13. Laura is skipping this one due to time constraints but she made us a button anyway. I’ll get a post up this weekend then I’m going to be out of town for a few days but I’ll be back by the 8th.

      • I will be out of town from the 9-19 but I will have my I pad with me. I will try to post if I can. The post may not be as long because I won’t have my computer. I will have the book with me and I am extremely excited….


      • Great, I’m glad you’re in even though you won’t be home! Hopefully we can work a better time for the next one for you.

      • I always take books with me the biggest problem I will have is trying not to start reading before time. I was wondering what the schedule will be. Is it going to be like last time, 4 chapters than 5 and so on?


  2. I really love Tucker too. And I have all the same questions you do ! I can’t wait to get some ?s answered in Hallowed. I have a hunch that Angela’s secret fling is the full angel she mentioned in Italy. (?

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