Fourth Discussion Post for UnEarthly Read-along

Music Plus BooksThis is just a recap of the last few chapters so, be prepared for Spoilers.


Its Clara’s birthday and Wendy decides to loan her Tucker  so that she doesn’t have to spend it alone.  So he takes her hiking and swimming and they have such a good time that they start spending just about every day together.  This lead to them forming a relationship that is more than just friends.

As they are spending time together strange things keep happening.  Such as, Clara saves them from a bear attack.  Then she cuts her self and it heals almost completely within minutes.   Then they finally kiss and she starts to glow like a light bulb.  Tucker freaks out and runs away from her.

She decides to tell him the truth and the work thing out.  Then mom finds out and grounds her because she is risking her purpose. She tells Tucker and he decides to break up with at least until she fulfills her purpose.


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