Third Discussion Post for UnEarthly Read-along

Music Plus BooksTeam Tucker All the way!!!!!

This Post will have Spoilers So be aware and read at own risk.

First off let me tell you I am loving this book.  I also am sticking with the fact that Christian is  a fool.  I did like how he took her to prom and tried to make amends after the night’s fiasco.   Although, I do think he likes her.  I just feel that he is hiding something.    I am so team Tucker!!!  I think he is genuine and overall a really nice guy.  Look at all the things he does for his sister.  Then you have him offering to take Clara home so she doesn’t have to wait for Christian.  Also, asking her to dance so he wouldn’t look dumb standing and staring at her date dancing with another girl.  I just feel that he is way better than Christian is.

Now in other news.  I am glad that Clara and Wendy have made up.  I also, loved that Clara loaned Wendy a dress for prom..   I was a little freaked when that guy was following them at the mall.   I still don’t know what to make of Angela.  I know that it is getting harder and harder for me not to read ahead.

Favorite scene was when Tucker asked Clara to dance.  It was so swoon worthy.


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