Second Discussion Post for UnEarthly Read-along

Music Plus Books

I think I am team Tucker.   I know it is early but I just love Tuckers sense of humor.  Also, something just seems off with Christian.   I also, think that Clara’s mom need to be more forth coming with information.  I also, don’t know if I like Angela yet…


Clara {played by Britt Robertson}

Britt Robertson Picture

Angela {played by Tori Vega}


Wendy {played by Shelley Hennig}

Shelley Hennig Picture

Christian {played by Austin Butler }

Tucker {played by Steven Chadwick McQueen }

I still need to cast a couple of people but I haven’t thought of who I would like to play them.  I also have some alternative to the cast but I haven’t read enough of the book yet to decide for sure so this is the list for now..

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