A Modern Day Persuasion: An Adaptation of Jane Austen’s Novel by Kaitlin Saunders

A Modern Day Persuasion: An Adaptation of Jane Austen's Novel

Kindle Edition
256 pages
Published  March 28th 2011
by BookSurge, LLC (first published March 23rd 2011)
Nearly eight years ago, Anne’s family, specifically her father, convinced her that she was too young to wed and insinuated that her fiancé Rick was solely interested in her wealth and status. Against her better judgment, Anne agreed to postpone the marriage, only to watch the love of her life walk away, never to be heard from again. Almost a decade later, still single and no longer wealthy, Anne struggles to make a name for herself designing greeting cards. Unable to move on with her life, she finds herself still emotionally bound to the man who disappeared the moment things didn’t go his way. Through a series of serendipitous events, however, Anne is reunited with her old love—just as a new beau enters the scene. Only time will tell if her heart can finally be set free to love again, or if Rick’s initial betrayal will leave her single…forever.“Full of charm, wit, and intelligence, Kaitlin Saunders’ re-imagining of Jane Austen’s posthumous classic Persuasion is nothing short of magical. Superb in its straightforward plotting and wonderfully paced, Saunders’ strengths in adapting and updating this delightful tale are the hallmarks of Austen herself, deepening the pleasure of the experience. Focusing on the universal and putting its characterizations front and center, this modern update succeeds where many fail, relying on the underlying material to serve as a foundation to take an old classic and make it new. And though capturing the aesthetic of a modern romantic comedy while retaining the depth of Austen’s turn-of-the-century social commentary is no small feat, A Modern Day Persuasion accomplishes this task with ease and aplomb, consistently delivering laughs while forever staying loyal to the themes and situations that made it such a rich story over one hundred years ago.”

This Book Contains:  Retelling, Romance, and Injury.

My Thoughts:

It is hard to rate this book or to be fair because I have read some really good retellings of Persuasion recently.  I did enjoy this book a lot even though it wasn’t my favorite it definitely rates high among the ones I have read.  This one lacks some of the things that I enjoyed from the others.  One of those things was that Ann finally took a stand against her family and fights for Rick.   She realises her mistake in the other versions but in this one, her family makes it easy on her because he is rich so they accept him with open arms.  Also, in this one the dad is given excuses to be the way he is.  He is not really looked down by anyone for being vain and nasty like in the other versions.  Over  all I would recommend this book and I would love to hear what other people thought about it.


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