The Fairy Letters (Frost #3.5) by Kailin Gow

The Fairy Letters (Frost Series Novella)

164 pages
Published  August 1st 2011
by (first published June 23rd 2011)
Prince Kian, Princess Shasta, Queen Breena Malloy, The Winter Queen, Sir Rodney…more

A series of letter from the Winter Prince Kian of Feyland to the Summer Queen Breena during the time of their separation. Their love was forbidden as Winter and Summer Fey are at war with each other. Promised to each other at birth during a brief interlude of peace between the warring fey, Kian and Breena have always known they were each other’s destinies. Now grown they are now the brokers of peace. In order to broker peace between Winter and Summer Fey, however, Kian and Breena must sacrifice their love. But in doing so, they made a promise to each other. A promise Kian thought would never be broken. But it was… Meanwhile, sharing a similar fate in love is Kian’s sister Princess Shasta and her Summer Knight love Rodney….but her ways are different from her brother Kian’s.
I am a huge fan of this series.  I love that Prince Kian expresses his love for Queen Breen through all these letters because he can’t be with her.  I am a huge fan of over coming forbidden love and this series so  lives up to every thing you want from this type of book.  You get forbidden love not only for Kian and Breena, but also Kians sister Shasta and her love Rodney.  The Letters are so moving that I felt at times I was going to cry from the sheer emotion that Kian shows in these letters.  I felt my heart wrenching for the pain that Kian must have felt because of their separation.  This is just such a heart warming experience and I am so glad that Kailin Gow took the time to write this book so that you can truly see the depth of love that Kian has for his Summer Queen.  I also, like the glimpse we get into Shasta’s feelings and the way her mind works through her letters.  I am a huge fan of Kailins writting, she never disappoints and this is just another way she shows her very remarkable talent.

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