The Pearl of the Soul of the World (Darkangel Trilogy #3) by Meredith Ann Pierce

The Pearl of the Soul of the World (Darkangel Trilogy, #3)

Paperback, 256 pages
Published February 1st 2008
 by Little, Brown Young Readers(first published November 1st 1990)
With the aid of a shimmering pearl, Aeriel battles the White Witch to free her husband Irrylath and discover her own destiny. Now in paperback for the first time, here is the triumphant conclusion of the classic Darkangel Trilogy.
I read this book like someone watching a car accident you know it is horrible but you can’t look away. This was just one of those series that had potential but never reached it. I usually do not waste my time on books I don’t like but the relationship between Aeriel and Irrylath just sucked me in. This book seemed to be chasing its tail at every turn. There was never any type of ending for Aeriel she ended the book basically were she started “trapped”. I am not sure where the author was going with this but I don’t think she hit her mark, at least not for me. I would say that I am disappointed in the book but I didn’t have any expectations as far as ending or plot I just had to read until the end. I love sci-fi but this was not my type of book at all and the sci-fi in this book was just not good. I will say I have seen some of the other reviews and some people love it, that is why I feel if you are interested try it out  for yourself.

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